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Amber Ferry lives with her three beautiful children, Isabel 
(7 years), Grace (3 years), and Simon (4 months) in Mason City. She works in Mason City at Charlie Brown Preschool and Childcare, where her two younger children are enrolled. 

Her oldest daughter, Isabel or “Izzy”, has a birth defect
known as Spina Bifida, which has left her partially paralyzed
from the waist down. Despite being wheelchair bound,
Isabel is a spirited girl with a big heart and a great sense of
humor. She attends 2nd grade at Roosevelt Elementary
School, and is very popular and well-loved among her 
fellow classmates and the school staff due to her 
bright personality. Grace is Amber’s youngest 
daughter and is filled to the brim with energy and curiosity. She keeps them all busy and on their toes! 

“The kids and I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to
build new friendships and a new home, 
especially for Izzy...,“ said Amber.

Their new home was primarily sponsored by Larson
Manufacturing, with additional financial support from the
North Iowa Area Council of Governments. It was built in
Mason City thanks to volunteers, supporting businesses, and
the NIACC Building Trades Class. It was constructed with
handicap- accessible features so that Izzy can enjoy more freedom and independence as she grows up.



 Family portraitShaun and Jenny met five years ago through a mutual friend and, we were married on 11-11-11.  We have two beautiful baby boys,  Von is two years old and, Deven is eight months old.  Jenny stays at home with boys and, Shaun is a quality technician at Winnebago Industries. We like to work hard for what we have. We don't live beyond our means and, we never take more than what we need. We are centered around marriage and family. We live a very happy life, even though we are struggling financially. We knew right away when we met that, we were going to be together forever. We were very excited to start a family and, for two years, we tried to get our finances under control and, save up money. We had many hardships and, we were never able to get ahead. We knew that if we waited until we could afford children, it was just not going to happen. So, we started one with faith, that God would help us get by.  We are very excited about the program.  We both know hard work and, we both know that sometimes, hard work doesn't get you what you deserve but, you still, always work hard and, do your best.  We are extremely grateful for the help and, look forward to helping others that are willing to help themselves.  A big thank you from the Wumkes Family!! 



Collins Home
collins home     

The Collins home was built through a partnership between Habitat for Humanity North Central Iowa and Thrivent Financial for Lutheran's, Thrivent Builds Program. Local Lutheran churches and Thrivent members supplied the volunteer labor and much of the funds for this home. This home was built for a family of three in Mason City. This family is enjoying their new home and is very thankful for everyone's help andsupport!

12/13/07 - Construction Complete - Now Let's Celebrate!

06/26/07 - HFHNCI/ Thrivent Financial break ground for another Thrivent Builds project

collins build 1 collins build 2 collins build 3
collins build 4 collins build 5 collins build 6
collins dedication1 collins dedication 2 collins dedication 3
collins dedication 4 collins dedication 5 collins dedication 6




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